N O I S E+++R E S O N A N C E+++H A R M O N I C S+++

photo taken by zjw 2007

sound art

Zachary James Watkins / Edward Schocker Duo Berlin Germany International Klangkunst Fest 2009 "tiefKlang" from zachary watkins on Vimeo.

Positively Right On for Ava and John

Any Other
(Spring 07) (indeterminate length)
Scored for Cello and Violin
Written for the Microscores Project / Johnny Chang / Jessica Catron

Listen to the first movemement

PatronG 4/30/2008 @ Bill Wilson Center

more hot fire

country werstern
(Fall 04, Spring 08) (45')

[we are never born in this Country we die facing Western :: there wasn't much color when we were not born :: the saturation was not optical it was emotional :: they showed us brightness they showed us darkness does the universe register my vote does it compare to a kiss or a blast? what is the difference between your past and my future. this magic story is governed by mist. mourn for how we are never born never voted never Country mourning just like this Western light]

Shayna Dunkelman (percussion)
Kanoko Nishi (koto)
Noah Phillips (prepared guitar)
Marielle Jakobsons (violin)
Emily Packard (violin)
Theresa Wong (cello)
Aram Shelton (woodwinds)
Jen Baker (trombone)
Dennis Somera (voice/poetry)
Zachary James Watkins (laptop/network)
Joe Gray (video/network)

video excerpt
complete meridian premiere performance
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meridian gallery

Suite For String Quartet
(Spring 06) (30')

(Scored for string quartet, interactive electronics and the Mills Concert Hall Foyer, awarded the Paul Merritt Henry Prize for Composition.)

complete suite for string quartet mp3

video excerpt 2

8 tuned strings, interactive electronics, resonant space, an audience and vintage footage
(Fall 2007) (16'33")

"The Two Week Day Dream" 8mm film by Jerry Lane

* thanks to marielle v. jakobsons for her help with pitch tracking

10th Annual Thingamaajigs Festival

Black Producer, White Producer; Beat Making in the 90's Specifically Tha Nine Tre (Fall 08) (3')

commissioned by sfSound and premiered on August 26th 2007 (3')