N O I S E+++R E S O N A N C E+++H A R M O N I C S+++

photo taken by zjw 2007

sound art

List of Works and Performances (PDF)

Treatment #2 (Spring 2012) (7')
just intonation guitar quartet

For Ava and John; Positively Right On (Spring 2012) (30')
2 just intonation electric guitars

movable, long commutes between loved ones, music for motors and resonant strings (Spring 10) (75')

found print piece no.2 (Summer 08) (indeterminate length)
on display at N.Y.M.E. and I T C H 2008

For Ava and Noah; Positively Right On (Spring 2008) (15')
two just tuned electric guitars playing an audio/visual score
For Ava and Noah; Positively Right On

For the Foundation For Contemporary Art (Spring 2008) (indeterminate length)

country western (Version 2) (Spring 08) (45')
koto, electric guitar, 2 violins, cello, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, trombone, poet, real-time video animation
country western (complete Meridian Gallery performance)

preparing for long forms (Winter 08) (5')
commisioned by Seattle Chamber Players
bass, C, piccolo flutes, bass clarinet, violin, cello

8 tuned strings, interactive electronics, resonant space, an audience and vintage footage (Fall 2007) (16'33")

Black Producer, White Producer; Beat Making in the 90's Specifically Tha Nine Tre
oboe, clarinet, tenor saxophone, trumpet, trombone, piano, violin, viola, cello

We Want Production (Spring 07) (5')
two toy pianos

any other (Spring 07) (2')
violin, cello

Boxing's Drumming (Spring 06) (30')
solo violin, live electronics

Suite For String Quartet (Spring 06) (30')
suite for string quartet

Aircraft without life for Floss with Li'l Ray and Joe Grey (Spring 06) (30')
double bass, woodwinds, percussion, live electronics, live video

Slow Children vs. Lil'Ray (Summer 05) (indeterminate length)
flute, koto, trap set, 2 small gongs, sleigh bells, interactive electronics

For My Nana In Indiana (Spring 05) (8.00")
prepared harp, prepared koto, shokuhachi

L.C.S.L. (Winter-Spring 05) (10.00")
prepared piano, string bass, 4 chinese toms, Vietnamese bells, Lou Harrison just tuned metallophone, 2 cymbals, 2 small gongs, tam-tam, crotoles, maracas, video, electronic soundtrack composed using SuperCollider.

Suite For String Quartet (Winter 04/05) (20')

found print piece no.1 (Fall 04) (indeterminate length)
Published Walrus Press 2004 and on display at N.Y.M.E. and I T C H 2008

country western (Version 1) (Fall 04) (indeterminate length)
voice, flute, violin, cello, 2 b flat clarinets, trombone, prepared piano, live electronics

(206)culture (Summer 04) (7'30")
prepared piano, b flat bass clarinet, tape

Etude for Tuba and Tape (Spring 04) (5')
*Composed for choreographer Becca Levy.

AMP ES RE S TU LO (fall 03) (5'33")
alto flute, tom tom, ankle chimes, wood box, vibraphone, maracas

Observation no.1 (summer/fall 03) (14'38")
flute, cello, 4 toms, five microphones, 13 ch./4 buss mixer, 2 delay units, panning delay, quadraphonic spatialization system, slide projector
*Observation no.1 was written after a trip to my hometown, Lubbock, TX. I was shocked to find that a large community in the lower income area of town was completely torn down, with a shopping center and new condominiums being built in place of. This city project confused and frustrated me. I documented the site with pictures and field recordings that I presented along with a notated work.

Map (in three movements) (spring 03) (7')
string quartet

Kitchen (winter 03) (12')
2 b flat clarinets, piano

On off On Off (fall 02) (5')
b flat bass & b flat clarinets, violin, cello, flute & alto flute

With Mother (Aug. 02) (4'30")

Fixtures (summer 02) (5'18")
cello, b flat bass clarinet, 4 toms, maracas

String Quartet no.1 (spring 02) (2'30")

Levelland (spring 01) (2'30")
flute, piano

Duet for piano and cello (fall 01) (4'30")

Duet for voice and piano, lyrics by Rilke (fall 2000) (3'30")